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The New Online Pet Supply Store That's Making Life Easier | Real Simple

In the days of yore, we pet owners had to schlep out to the neighborhood pet supply stores for our pets' needs and wants. The trek wasn't so bad if all you needed was a pack of treats and a new squeaky ball–but those trips I lugged home boxes of cat litter and jumbo-sized bags of dry food really took a toll on my dedication to my cat. Does she really need to eat every day? Just kidding–but you understand the edge I was pushed to if you've ever had to drag pet supplies home without a car. Anyway, I call these "the days of yore" because we obviously have the internet now, and online shopping for your 100-pound Bernese Mountain Dog's bed is much less cumbersome than it was prior to the World Wide Web. Yesterday, home goods site Wayfair exclusively launched a line of pet supplies, including furniture and accessories, called Archie & Oscar . Steve Oblak, Wayfair's chief merchandising officer, explained in a press release, “With Archie & Oscar, Wayfair customers will find everything they need to create a comfortable home that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family.” The new online pet supplies store has over 500 products for dogs, cats, rabbits, small pets, and chickens, in addition to the pet supplies available on Wayfair outside the line. I parsed through the site's entire pet offerings to pick out some of Real Simple's favorites in case you'd like a jumping off point. Below, find some of the cutest and most useful pet supplies on Wayfair.

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