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How To Make Clothes Shopping More Accessible For People With Disabilities

Usually, the color is the only thing you can find there, sometimes even that's missing. 4. Improve accessibility in the changing room and at the checkout to streamline the shopping experience. Lower tills, and card machines that detach are great. Also not ramming narrow till areas full of products, makes it impossible to navigate in a chair. primark are fab at all these. I also love that disabled customers don't have to queue in primark, prevents a lot of pain. 5. Create products that specifically cater to people with disabilities so they may maintain their independence. Clothing without buttons or zippers, clothes that look good in wheelchairs, skirts and dresses with shorts underneath, bras and jewelry with magnetic clasps, fashionable shoes that can fit braces and inserts, closed toe sandals. All things my mother looks for and can never find — Marie Reimers (@MMReimers) June 26, 2018 6.

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