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Farone disagreed with some of his other votes, including his support for last year’s Republican tax overhaul, she said she wanted to celebrate his willingness to work for bipartisan measures. “He may not have always done it right, but he did it well” she said. “He was human.” Behind her, dozens of people had started to gather in line to wait to pay their respects later this afternoon — sprawled out on beach towels and huddled under umbrellas that protected them from first the sweltering early morning heat and then scattered rain. “Look at how willing everyone is to uplift him,” Ms. Farone said. “He’s not deceased as so much converted into a legend. A person of the ages.” Carmine Garritano, 71, was one of several veterans who gathered outside, wearing symbols of the armed service they shared with Mr. McCain: hats from the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion, uniform hats and vests studded with badges and buttons reflective of their service. Mr. Garritano, a retired Army specialist, had served in Vietnam, but his time in the country overlapped with only a fraction of Mr. McCain’s time as a prisoner of war.

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It could take at least a week to restore power fully, Industry Minister Hiroshige Seko has said. The quake was the second disaster to hit Japan this week alone after a summer during which the country has been battered by deadly typhoons, flooding and a record heat wave. Kansai International Airport has been shut since Typhoon Jebi ripped through Osaka on Tuesday, although some domestic flights operated by Japan Airlines (JAL) and ANA’s low-cost carrier Peach Aviation resumed on Friday, the carriers said. At Hokkaido’s main airport, New Chitose, JAL was preparing to restart some flights from around 11:00 a.m. (0200 GMT) on Friday, a spokesman said. ANA canceled all morning flights but would resume operations as normal in the afternoon, a spokesman said. JR Hokkaido planned to resume bullet train operations from midday. It was also trying to resume other train services on Friday afternoon, a spokesman said. However, manufacturers were still being affected by power outages. Toyota Motor Corp’s Tomakomai factory, which makes transmissions and other parts, said operations remained suspended indefinitely until power was restored, a spokesman said. Toppan Printing’s operations at a plant in Chitose, which makes food packages, would remain suspended until it regained power, a spokesman said.